Sunday, December 30, 2007

More Bugs...

I'm always disturbed when I find bugs that have been around for a while and seriously impact the performance of my application.    It makes me think either:
  • no one is using my application
  • everyone thinks I suck as a programmer.
Either one is disturbing...  Anyway...

When I implemented support for the android:padding attribute, it was generated for all widgets (albeit with a default of 0px.)  However, this does weird things in Android.  If a button has a padding of 0px, it shrinks the button down around the text as follows:

This seems to me to be a bug in Android, and I've asked a question about it on Android-developers, but for the mean-time, I've made changes so that default values aren't generated in the .xml file.  This means that the default behavior of DroidDraw will match up better to what happens when you render the file.

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