Saturday, January 14, 2012

Moving on...

Well, its been forever since I posted. Though only 7 releases in the intervening 2.5 years.

That amounts to 1 release every 4 months, which I guess goes to show what effect parenting and a real job can have on your hacking schedule...

Anyway, this is sort of a final note. I've created a Google+ page for droiddraw. From here on, what would have gone on this blog, will be posted to Google+. See you there!

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Nightstudies said...

I emailed you a few days ago about my trouble getting AndScheme working.

Since then I've managed to get my android debugging setup working better and solved my first set of problems.

For instance you really don't want to call
(.setText out (.toString (eval-string (.toString (.getText in)))))

You want to call stringify rather than .toString

My current question is this, the apk you posted is a newer version than the source you posted. It has a menu etc.

I can extract main.scm from the apk, but it doesn't work because it needs a java menu class to glue to and since I'm so new at adroid programming it will take some trouble for me to figure out what that glue is supposed to look like.

Can you post the version of the source code you used to make the apk?