Saturday, January 5, 2008

More (Software) Bug Squashing

My posts will be mostly on topic I promise, but I had to make note of something silly.   I use adsense to generate a (small) stream of income to begin to support DroidDraw development.  I've made $7 so far!  [hey, it covers my hosting costs for the month ;-)].

Anyway, this blog has mostly dealt with bug fixes.  So what does adsense try to sell me today? A kit for dealing with bed bugs.  I find this amusing.  Knock on wood that the only bugs I continue to need to squish are the software variety!

Anyway, back to the topic at hand:
Bugs squished today:
  • Improve the handling of padding and background colors
  • Improve the handling of baseline
  • Clean up LinearLayout
  • Support for the GridView widget
This is all now checked into SVN.  I'll put together a full release by the end of the weekend.

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