Monday, January 28, 2008

Release B5

Well, it took me longer between releases this time (Real Life (tm) got in the way I'm afraid). But DroidDraw-r1b5 is now available in the usual places.  

Hilights include:
  • Support for the DatePicker widget
  • Opening/Editing of strings.xml and colors.xml (Standalone only)
  • Loading/Drawing ImageButtons/ImageViews with android:src="@drawable/foo"
As always, send comments/bugs/donations to brendan.d.burns on gmail.


Vyrotek said...
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Vyrotek said...

I've been using the DroidDraw tool for a few days now. Very nice work!

Pascoual said...

Thanks for this nice tool.

allan atukunda said...

Hei Brendan, I have used droiddraw to come up with some android widgets, and I must say it's an amazing tool. However, I tried running your currency converter code, but it gives me a "Forced Close" message on my emulator (It gives the same message on 1.5 and 2.2). Any ideas on how to fix this bug ?