Thursday, February 14, 2008

Would you like roses with that release?

Happy Valentine's Day!
I'm down in NYC (installing a very cool piece of robotic art at Exit Art in Chelsea) and away from my sweetheart [don't worry, we're going out to a belated valentine's dinner tomorrow...]

This means I have a chance to begin to hack DroidDraw to work with the new Android SDK.

So, release r1b6 is now available (applet only).  The only major change is that the "id" attribute in the layout .xml is now "android:id" per the changes in the new SDK.

Currently the new Android default GUI look and feel is not supported.  I will work on incorporating this in the coming week.  I expect to have it done by the Boston campfire on Feb. 23rd which I will be attending (and talking about DroidDraw...)

Please let me know if you find anything that breaks.  I've already discovered several small changes in the layout .xml.

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ultraklon said...

If you don't have much time or just need a hand, let me know ( ultraklon # gmail .com); i think i can help you. I NEED DroidDraw so i want to help you to build it faster (for m5 now).