Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New release (slightly delayed)

There is a new release of DroidDraw (r1b8).  Its a little late in arriving due to by recent bout with the dreaded flu.  This also caused me to miss the Boston Android campfire, I'm pretty disappointed about that.  Anyway, finally, I've got it together to release a new version, including standalone applications for Windows, OS X and Linux.

Highlights include:
  • Support for loading, editing and saving strings.xml, colors.xml and arrays.xml resources in an easy, intuitive manner.
  • The addition of AnDroidDraw an application which runs on an Android device/emulator and allows DroidDraw to download GUI layouts to the handheld device for previewing.


SJ said...

I started Android recently and your tool is awesome. Thanks for making life easier.

The new release r1b8 works well I just installed it and created a simple layout like the proverbial charm.

Pascoual said...

Big thanks.
AnDroidDraw is a realy good idear.

Jack said...

DroidDraw is wonderful for my development needs. The emulator preview feature works perfectly. Thanks for this tool.