Thursday, March 20, 2008

Appearance is everything...

Well, there's a new release of DroidDraw (r1b9) up on  I'm not doing a full executable release, but as always, the .jar file is a double-clickable application on most platforms (albeit without the fancy icon...)

The primary thing fixed in this release is that the labels for the various layouts in the layouts tab are now darker.  A number of people have written to me, wondering why the layouts were "disabled" in r1b8.  They're not actually disabled, they just *look* like they are.    It goes to show that my next door neighbor the HCI expert actually knows what he's talking about.   So I apologize for any confusion.  The labels are now much darker and un-disabled looking.  So hopefully that clears up any confusion.

Also added, in the desktop version of DroidDraw, is the ability to browse for images for ImageButtons and ImageViews.    This requires that you specify a location for your drawables directory that's located in your project.  Images that are not already present in the directory are copied there for you (how convenient!)

In addition to that, the beginning inklings of code generation support are in there.  That's intended really as a tease more than anything else.  There's not much there yet, but eventually DroidDraw will support some code generation to make your lives even easier!

Until then, you'll have to make do with coding by hand.  

As always, bugs/feature requests/cold hard cash -> brendan.d.burns on gmail.

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Damien said...

Hi Brendan

Re: Code Generation & tease

This part of the app is what I use by far the most (I only found your site yesterday so versions prior to r1b8 I never saw) - While you describe it as a tease, even in it's current form it is very helpful to me as I have only just started out using the android platform. Would not the generated code be the "desired culmination" of your app? or is there really another purpose? Anyway - good stuff - your app has speeded up my development no end.

Also - I only use the stand-alone version and I'm a bit adverse to recompiling locally on my machine so is there any chance you might keep the download versions up to date with the web version?